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How To Be A Horrible Boss

In the world of business, good leadership is crucial for success. Yet, it’s puzzling that…

ByByAlexander ZuluMar 3, 202410 min read

Stretching Your Kwacha- Saving Strategies for Zambians in a Rising Cost of Living

Times are tough everywhere these days, and Zambia is no exception. Living in Lusaka, especially,…

ByByAlexander ZuluMar 3, 20246 min read

Is the Central Bank of Zambia Truly Independent?

Imagine captaining a ship through a treacherous storm. Every wave threatens to capsize you, demanding…

ByByAlexander ZuluFeb 26, 20246 min read

The World Changed Last Week

How far and how fast we have come with artificial intelligence (AI) as a species…

ByByAlexander ZuluFeb 25, 202411 min read